What Annie Duke taught me about competition

When I play poker, I have an advantage. I mean, let me start by asking you, “What kind of advantage would you have if a world class poker player showed you not just the tricks of winning at poker, but gave you play-by-play instruction on how to keep ahead of all your competition?” Well, onContinue reading “What Annie Duke taught me about competition”

It’s very personal

I never fail to surprise myself when I catch myself saying “It’s not personal, it’s business.” When in reality all business is personal and emotions come into play at every touch point. It has always been this way. When I was in high school and my history teacher, Mrs. Miller talked about how hunter-gatherers wouldContinue reading “It’s very personal”

A Note To Low-Tech Leaders

Not that long ago, a company could ignore and pay lip service to the idea of using digital strategies and tactics in their advertising and marketing. And, even though we are years away from a a mature and completely integrated internet and social ecosystem, there’s definitely enough proof that brands can be created, developed andContinue reading “A Note To Low-Tech Leaders”