A Note To Low-Tech Leaders

Not that long ago, a company could ignore and pay lip service to the idea of using digital strategies and tactics in their advertising and marketing. And, even though we are years away from a a mature and completely integrated internet and social ecosystem, there’s definitely enough proof that brands can be created, developed and destroyed on-line. Soon low-tech businesses will lose every advantage they once had over their competitors.

The cost of entry into the advertising and social media arena is truly tiny. A drop in the bucket. And that bucket now consists of time and very little money. Several trends have converged to create a momentum that can’t be held back. Those trends include audience targeting, program and channel-based media buying, social platform maturation, and the ability to track and measure results across every digital platform.

This means the digital world is here. Your employees know it, they live it. Your customers know it. And this is the scary point, your competition knows it.

If the growth of your business is your top priority, then digital advertising and social media channels should be a key focus.

This is the internet century. This is the age of disruption marketing. You want to be in a position where even if you don’t understand the new playing field, you are in a position to use it. Pay to play. Don’t watch from the sidelines and say it doesn’t affect your business.

The internet is having an imapact on your business. Today. Even if you’re not aware of it.

How you react to this wake up call and use this tool will determine whether your company will be successful or irrelevant. Or out of business.

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  1. I was here, too 🙂 Great points, Andy. What you said here is why I couldn’t stand not having more knowledge about what is energizing marketing and making it a new business world. You have inspired me to better myself. Thanks!

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