The World Is Built On Interactions And Not Transactions

Steve shows up on time. He designs two posters and three billboards by lunch, then sits back and waits impatiently for the five hours until he can leave to click down. And spends that time looking busy while bitching through email about how much he hates his job to a sympathetic spouse. All because heContinue reading “The World Is Built On Interactions And Not Transactions”

Get the attention of everyone?

[image_with_animation animation=”Fade In From Right” image_url=”” delay=”1450″] [/image_with_animation] Cheech Marin at the Dodgers trying to capture everyone’s attention. Or is he?   It’s very easy to create a message that talks to everyone, and then have it delivered so the message reaches the most people. And, it’s only logical to believe if you have theContinue reading “Get the attention of everyone?”