The Most Dangerous Thing About Competitors…

…is your obsession with them. [image_with_animation animation=”Fade In From Left” image_url=”” delay=”950″] [/image_with_animation] Stop struggling to be better than the competition. Be better than yourself!   We live in a giant community park called the internet. This makes everyone obsess over and get stuck watching and worrying about what the competition is doing. We followContinue reading “The Most Dangerous Thing About Competitors…”

Mike and Math

Warning! Explicit language: [image_with_animation animation=”Grow In” image_url=”” delay=”1750″] [/image_with_animation] I woke up from a sound sleep last night with an upset stomach. It growled like an angry grizzly bear annoyed by some hipster campers trying to get a wi-fi connection near his personal salmon stream. I got up and looked around in my cabinets forContinue reading “Mike and Math”