Get the attention of everyone?

[image_with_animation animation=”Fade In From Right” image_url=”” delay=”1450″] [/image_with_animation] Cheech Marin at the Dodgers trying to capture everyone’s attention. Or is he?   It’s very easy to create a message that talks to everyone, and then have it delivered so the message reaches the most people. And, it’s only logical to believe if you have theContinue reading “Get the attention of everyone?”

What Are The Consequences?

All of these so-called new marketing tools and huge market changes are dramatically influencing the way we do marketing today; but the effect has not always been positive to customers and marketing in general. The problem is that so many of these new channels are quick to get started on them, easy to use, andContinue reading “What Are The Consequences?”

Begin with the end in mind

How many times have you heard that comment? It’s a cliché because everyone says it, but almost no one lives it.   The owner of a printing company I know works really hard to make their clients feel special every time they give them work. He makes improvements to his business in all sorts ofContinue reading “Begin with the end in mind”