You Want People To Love You

Not the way they love food or music. You want people, after the first time they deal with your business, to run immediately to their closest friends and tell them how amazing you are and why they should go buy what you sell. Today. Not now, yesterday! You are now their hero and they can’tContinue reading “You Want People To Love You”

[image_with_animation animation=”Fade In From Bottom” image_url=”” delay=”1250″] [/image_with_animation] Queen of Hearts – Art by Andrew Phipps The idea is that content should be engaging, entertaining, interactive, interesting, relevant, and useful. Anything visual can reach out and tell the exact story you want to hear.

Mike and Math

Warning! Explicit language: [image_with_animation animation=”Grow In” image_url=”” delay=”1750″] [/image_with_animation] I woke up from a sound sleep last night with an upset stomach. It growled like an angry grizzly bear annoyed by some hipster campers trying to get a wi-fi connection near his personal salmon stream. I got up and looked around in my cabinets forContinue reading “Mike and Math”

The World Is Built On Interactions And Not Transactions

Steve shows up on time. He designs two posters and three billboards by lunch, then sits back and waits impatiently for the five hours until he can leave to click down. And spends that time looking busy while bitching through email about how much he hates his job to a sympathetic spouse. All because heContinue reading “The World Is Built On Interactions And Not Transactions”

What Annie Duke taught me about competition

When I play poker, I have an advantage. I mean, let me start by asking you, “What kind of advantage would you have if a world class poker player showed you not just the tricks of winning at poker, but gave you play-by-play instruction on how to keep ahead of all your competition?” Well, onContinue reading “What Annie Duke taught me about competition”

A Note To Low-Tech Leaders

Not that long ago, a company could ignore and pay lip service to the idea of using digital strategies and tactics in their advertising and marketing. And, even though we are years away from a a mature and completely integrated internet and social ecosystem, there’s definitely enough proof that brands can be created, developed andContinue reading “A Note To Low-Tech Leaders”

What Are The Consequences?

All of these so-called new marketing tools and huge market changes are dramatically influencing the way we do marketing today; but the effect has not always been positive to customers and marketing in general. The problem is that so many of these new channels are quick to get started on them, easy to use, andContinue reading “What Are The Consequences?”