It matters what your customer thinks

Every time your customer touches your product he or she has an emotional connection. And that connection will be positive, negative, or indifferent. The true value of your product isn’t determined on price. Not on repeat business. It is determined on perceived value. The price on the package or on the wall will help toContinue reading “It matters what your customer thinks”

You Want People To Love You

Not the way they love food or music. You want people, after the first time they deal with your business, to run immediately to their closest friends and tell them how amazing you are and why they should go buy what you sell. Today. Not now, yesterday! You are now their hero and they can’tContinue reading “You Want People To Love You”

[image_with_animation animation=”Fade In From Bottom” image_url=”” delay=”1250″] [/image_with_animation] Queen of Hearts – Art by Andrew Phipps The idea is that content should be engaging, entertaining, interactive, interesting, relevant, and useful. Anything visual can reach out and tell the exact story you want to hear.

Color is a balancing act.

Here is a short (haha!) lesson in color theory that I put together from my experience working week-in and week-out at San Manuel casino. With over 40 different acts every year, plus special promotions and events, I was able to track what colors sold an act that was determined to be a “dog” or hard-sell,Continue reading “Color is a balancing act.”


[image_with_animation animation=”Fade In From Left” image_url=”×600.jpg” delay=”1750″] [/image_with_animation] Carlos Mencia – March 2010   Communication = words + visuals. Ideas are the only reason to communicate. They are integral to the process. Without a message, the conversation is incomplete.

The Most Dangerous Thing About Competitors…

…is your obsession with them. [image_with_animation animation=”Fade In From Left” image_url=”” delay=”950″] [/image_with_animation] Stop struggling to be better than the competition. Be better than yourself!   We live in a giant community park called the internet. This makes everyone obsess over and get stuck watching and worrying about what the competition is doing. We followContinue reading “The Most Dangerous Thing About Competitors…”

The World Is Built On Interactions And Not Transactions

Steve shows up on time. He designs two posters and three billboards by lunch, then sits back and waits impatiently for the five hours until he can leave to click down. And spends that time looking busy while bitching through email about how much he hates his job to a sympathetic spouse. All because heContinue reading “The World Is Built On Interactions And Not Transactions”

Get the attention of everyone?

[image_with_animation animation=”Fade In From Right” image_url=”” delay=”1450″] [/image_with_animation] Cheech Marin at the Dodgers trying to capture everyone’s attention. Or is he?   It’s very easy to create a message that talks to everyone, and then have it delivered so the message reaches the most people. And, it’s only logical to believe if you have theContinue reading “Get the attention of everyone?”