I always start at the beginning

I've been asked if I start a project by playing with graphics or working with the branding standards and logo.
I start by defining the goal.

Nothing is better for your bottom line than someone like me.

Or me...
And ideas.
No matter how skilled a designer may be, design is secondary. The idea is king.
I've made companies I work with hundreds of millions of dollars off my ideas.

I once overheard a designer I worked with ask my copywriter to add seven more letters to a headline, so it fit the space better. I approached the two of them and politely interjected myself into the conversation: "Does 'Heck no!' work?"

(Okay, I didn't say heck).

There are reasons I always start with an idea

Some are even good reasons. I serve as a filter.

I separate what is necessary from what is not relevant to the message.