Planning marketing is creative.

Let's be open. I'm a creative.

I am creative in all stages of strategy.

and Execution

You don't need more marketing.

You need thinking and planning of marketing that does more.

Let's be bold

New! is not a strategy.
And strategy is not tactics.

Strategy is planned:

• Interaction
• User Experience
• Design Thinking
•Nimble In Execution
Design your strategy as a system, or product or experience.

Your goal is your goal

Page views are not a goal.
Likes are not a goal.
Branding is not a goal.

A good strategy and execution meets your goals

A great strategy exceeds your needs and your customer's, also.
A great strategy collaborates across all teams and customer touch points.

A campaign has a life cycle

A strategy is an experience that improves with each iteration.

If you believe in starting with "Why?"

Continuing with the "How?"
Then doing the "What?"

If you believe

Then let's start a conversation.